Gun Sales Surged In Lead up To Obama Presidency

By | Nov 19, 2008

Despite the economic downturn, massive layoffs, and an uncertain future, gun-loving residents of the United States had a truly important issue to deal with – if the Democratic candidate became president, would automatic weapons be outlawed? Naturally, the solution is to stock up while it’s still possible. Many states enjoyed surges in gun sales during the lead up to Obama’s presidency.

Even though I was surprised to learn that homicide rates in Florida declined after right-to-carry laws were introduced, I find it disconcerting when there is an uptake in gun ownership at a point when it is generally thought we are heading into bad times. Combine 50% gun ownership with the fear of violence against the new president and an unstable social environment in the wake of a middle-east war, this is a slippery slope that has all the makings of a landslide.

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