Bailout Money Could Have Come From Executive Bonuses

By | Dec 31, 2008

What happened to the idea that “the captain goes down with the ship”? According to a post at Factesque, the Associated Press took a look into how much of the federal bailout money was spent on paying for the salaries of those. As it turns out, the money used for that purpose was relatively small […]

Caffeine Withdrawal and the Working World

By | Dec 30, 2008

Almost everyone is familiar with caffeine in one form or another, whether through the cup of coffee in the morning, lunch, afternoon and evening, or be it a can of coke, it is rare to fiond someone who hasn’t felt the charge of caffeine in the morning or during a late-night study period. Bonus points […]

2008 in Photographs

By | Dec 26, 2008

The Boston Globe has posted a series of over 100 amazing photographs detailing 2008 around the world. 2008 in Photographs – Part 1 2008 in Photographs – Part 2 2008 in Photographs – Part 3 Some of the content is violent and graphic, however the editors have blocked these by default. The squeamish types can […]

Merry Christmas

By | Dec 24, 2008

Best wishes to you and your family this Christmas holiday.   Christmas is always a wonderful time to put aside politics and frustrations and stay away from the rigors of our daily materialistic lives.  For that reason, although I thought about writing an article about the ‘happy holidays’ versus ‘Merry Christmas’ issue, I have chosen not […]

Animal Activists arrested for hate crimes in UK

By | Dec 23, 2008

I’ll be frank upfront: I’m not a fan of militant action in dealing with political gripes.  A peaceful protest or march is ok, but I’m very opposed to more aggressive tactics that have been used by various groups and unions such as strikes, distracting emergency services, Liberal-NDP Coalitions.  That being said, it is clear how […]

What Credit Crisis?

By | Dec 22, 2008

Steve Forbes, creator of Forbes magazine, is suggesting that the worst of the credit crisis is over.  Forbes spoke recently with BBC correspondent Matt Frei about the credit crisis.  In summation, Mr. Forbes suggested that that worst of the credit crisis has passed and governments have reacted in an appropriate way, infusing hurting banks with […]

New York City Switching to LED Street Lights

By | Dec 21, 2008

In a move sure to please the team of president-elect Obama, New York City is taking steps to promote its own green economy by switching to LED streetlamps. The program will provide the city with a few key benefits: Cheaper maintenance: LED lamps work twice as long as the currently used high pressure sodium bulbs. […]

Canadians Follow Suit

By | Dec 20, 2008

It seems that the Canadians are following the Americans and are also giving a bail-out package to the auto industry, a key industry in southern Ontario with a four billion dollar (canadian) series of loans.  This is very similar to what the United States announced a few days ago. This is interesting because only a […]

Automakers Get Bailout

By | Dec 19, 2008

This morning the White House announced $13.4 billion in loans to the Big Three automakers in Detroit, with an additional $4 billion handout waiting in the wings for February. In return the automakers will let the government inspect their books and promise not to fly their executives around in fancy jets. There is a satirical […]

Embargo on Cuba

By | Dec 18, 2008

This is is no way new but there have been calls for the United States to end its decades-long embargo on Cuba.  Cuba’s recent admission into the Rio Group with 23 other Latin American nations has prompted the organization to increase the pressure it places on President-Elect Obama. It is safe to say, I think, […]

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