Animal Activists arrested for hate crimes in UK

By | Dec 23, 2008

I’ll be frank upfront: I’m not a fan of militant action in dealing with political gripes.  A peaceful protest or march is ok, but I’m very opposed to more aggressive tactics that have been used by various groups and unions such as strikes, distracting emergency services, Liberal-NDP Coalitions.  That being said, it is clear how I feel about the case of animal rights activists in the UKwho have been arrested for hate crimes against businesses that dealt with Huntington Life Sciences (HLS).   It seems these folks didn’t believe what the folks at HLS were doing and spent their time harrassing and threatening businesses that worked with them.

I’m not really sure what to say on this – this was wrong and these people should have known better.  I give them credit for standing up for their believes, but this people is not how you do it.  If you have believe in someone, do what you can to get your voice out there.  Write letters, a blog, put up fliers, make a face book group – don’t harass or threaten people.  It’s that simple.  Threatening a truck driver, bugging peoples’ homes and businesses – these are not the way to express yourself.  They are simply criminal actions.

Its people like this that give entire movements bad names.  Animal Rights.  What does that image conjure in your head?  A noble cause of making sure that animals aren’t suffering in cruel and inhumane ways, or  hooligans from some group scaling buildings to put up banners?

Seriously folks, you’re just making yourselves look like extremist fools.  Work within the system if you want to change it.

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