Guantanamo Bay

By | Dec 14, 2008

The Americans are getting closer to the closure of the often criticized Guantanamo Bay detention centre. Portugal has agreed to grant asylum to some of the former prisoners as the Americans seek places to relocate them, as many cannot return to their homes.  Some of them were rebels in their former countries and to return them places them in certain danger.  President-elect Obama has promised to close the facility soon after he takes office in January, creating some urgency to have this issue taken care of.  Portugal’s acceptance of these prisoners is being hailed as a first step for the European Union cooperating with the United States and working out mutually acceptable agreements on this issue.

I find it encouraging to see European-American cooperation of any kind.  In this difficult era nations need to work together to resolve the difficult issues.  I feel that cooperation leads to more cooperation, and if European nations and the Americans work together on the prisoner issue, perhaps they’ll work together and complex economic issues and put aside mutual resentments and look at the bigger picture.

Here’s hoping.

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