There’s still an unknown world out there…

By | Jan 30, 2009

I draw your attention today to this BBC audio slideshow summarizing the discoveries of Mr. Johnathan Timberlake’s team of scientists from the London Royal Botanic Garden.  It seems that by using Google Earth, their attention was drawn to a forest on Mount Mabu in northern Mozambique – they realized something was there and would be worth having […]

January 2009 in Review

By | Jan 28, 2009

As February approaches, I thought it’d be worthwhile to look back and consider some of the issues and events that our world has faced this past month. 1- The Inauguration of President Obama – Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America On Jan 20, 2009.  He was the first African-American […]

Oscar Nominees

By | Jan 26, 2009

Oscar Awards, movies

Obama’s First Couple Days

By | Jan 24, 2009

President Obama has had a busy first couple days.  He closed CIA detention centres overseas (including Guantanamo Bay), canceled midnight legislation pushed through by the Bush regime, and is working on his economic stimulus package.  He’s made moves for an open and accountable administration, which is especially encouraging in light of the criticisms that were […]

The Credit History Mystery

By | Jan 23, 2009

Even though poor credit management is in large part responsible for the melt down we are currently trying to deny, the average North American is woefully ignorant of what it means to have a “credit history”. People generally know that when they apply for a credit card or loan, the banks somehow check their credit […]

The Sad Digitization of the English language

By | Jan 22, 2009

I have commented in the past about the effects of new technologies on our daily lives.  Technological advancement and change have dramatically changed the way we understand the world around us and how we interact with it.  It has also changed how we interact with each other. Consider the the English language.  Terms like ‘google’ and ‘land […]

Tar Sands Will Never Replace Mideast Oil

By | Jan 21, 2009

There is a great myth that as the cost of pumping oil out of the middle east increases with declining supply it will be viable to draw fossil fuels from the tar sands of western Canada. While it may be true that the sands will be tapped to a greater degree, the idea that it […]

Obama’s Big Day

By | Jan 20, 2009

As everyone knows, today is the day Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States.  Congratulations to him and his supporters.  Many people will remember this day as a historic – I use that term with Reservations I will explain – day, and I’m sure many people will talk in years about where […]

Citigroup Splits

By | Jan 19, 2009

Despite their expensive newspaper ads insisting all is well, it turns out that Citigroup is in fact – wait for it – having problems! Now that the government is their biggest stakeholder with $45 billion in bailout funds, the company has basically abandoned its “lets become as big as we can” and has started selling […]

Arizona Cardinals make it to the superbowl…

By | Jan 18, 2009

In light of it being Sunday, I thought I’d write something a little light-hearted and fun tonight, so I will discuss football.  Tonight the Arizona Cardinals made it to the superbowl.  They haven’t been in a championship game since 1947.  Let me put that into perspective.  Since the last time the Arizona  Cardinals have been […]

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