Arizona Cardinals make it to the superbowl…

By | Jan 18, 2009

In light of it being Sunday, I thought I’d write something a little light-hearted and fun tonight, so I will discuss football.  Tonight the Arizona Cardinals made it to the superbowl.  They haven’t been in a championship game since 1947.  Let me put that into perspective.  Since the last time the Arizona  Cardinals have been in championship game:

Man went to space, and subsequently walked on the moon; , has surpassed the sound barrier, the British Empire disappeared, the Civil Rights movement, the Cold War heated up, the Cold War ended, the United States elected an African-American to be their President, the White Sox won the world series, anyone reading this was probably born, etc.

It must be painful for their fans to have supported a team that sucked for so long.  I guess they’re due, but it could be worse – they could be Toronto Maple Leafs fans.  Alas, I jest.

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