I Will Never Give Up My Newspaper

By | Jan 11, 2009

I love getting my news online. Being able to flip through articles and search back content is exceedingly useful. So too is the ability to quickly check on the validity of claims made in article online (as evidenced by the news about LiveJournal’s cut to staff – some sources quoted 20 of 27 staffers were let go, when actually only 20% were cut).

Aside form the convenience, there is a green activist somewhere inside of me that yells in joy when less trees are cut down in order to print daily newspapers which essentially become replaced and worthless 24 hours after printing. The world can do without piles of newsprint in the landfills.

I am evil. There is another part of me that loves the tactile sensation of sitting down at the table with a coffee after breakfast and enjoying a read of newspaper every morning. I am tired of always being directed to read things on a computer screen – my eyes relish the sight of unmoving, unalterable print. The paper is organic, almost warm to the touch; the feel of pages sliding under my thumbs is unmistakable.

With so much content available for free online, a great deal of what I read in the papers is information that has already been available to me for hours. In a way, although original research, the newspaper is aggregating information in a central place for my consumption. Make no mistake – I consume ravenously; maybe I’m already aware (now doubly-aware) of some of what I am reading, other tidbits would otherwise stream past my consciousness washed away in the din of information overload that has become my (and others) daily life.

Maybe in a way I want to shout a rallying cry to preserve the monolithic media empire model, but what I really want is to maintain a way to step back from the buzz of the digital world without totally unplugging – that is what my newspaper subscription gives me. That and firewood – I heat my home with a wood stove and newsprint helps me ignite a fire like nothing else.

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