The Facebook Fanatics

By | Jan 11, 2009

Facebook is starting to scare me.

I rarely log in anymore, myself, as the constant bombardment of applications and advertisements in the new layout are distasteful in my view.    Despite that, I still don’t like Facebook.

People – why do you want complete strangers, or even friends of your friends that you don’t know, to have access to your pictures and personal information?  In this where people frequently complain about profiling, personal freedoms, and privacy – why do we routinely give up our most intimate and personal information in a public forum for any passerby-er (or business and government) to take not of.

I appreciate Facebook as a convenient networking device – but MSN and email, or even a telephone for that matter, is just as capable of achieving the same results.  We live in a world where we all seem to have text-capable cell phones, computers, etc, etc, that do not pry into our lives so much.  It is amazing how much information people feed into the corporate juggernaut that Facebook has become – simply because it provides a text box for you to do so.

We all know about Facebook creeping.  We’ve all probably snooped around that thing, looking up somebody mentioned in a conversation or met at a part – and I ask.. why do we purposelly put ourselves into the position where strangers CAN do just that?  Only a few years ago this would have been shocking, now it is simply accepted.

I’m not ragging on Facebook – it’s a piece of entrepreneurial brilliance –  simply trying to express how the more I think about it – the more I become afraid of it.

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