Latvia and European Integration

By | Feb 28, 2009

In the past I spoke of how Latvia,which had previously been a leader in economic growth, was in a bit of slump.  In a followup to the situation, I was unfortunately not surprised when I learned that their situation has become worse.  According to the BBC, the powers that be that determine the credit ratings […]

Obama’s Visit to Canada

By | Feb 24, 2009

So last week the President of the United States made his first visit to Canada.  And the place went nuts. President Obama visited Ottawa last Thursday and he kicked up quite a storm.  Interestingly the most publicized part of his trip was not his visit with Prime Minister Harper (or their subsequent discussions), the safety […]

Google Finds Lost City of Atlantis

By | Feb 22, 2009

photo credit: NickStenning Google is breaking down all of the frontier barriers and allowing us to discover parts of the world that would have otherwise gone un-noticed. This is collaborative research at its best – huge volumes of automatically collected data can be scrutinized by millions of people and discoveries made where smaller teams would […]

Obama Aims to Battle Debt

By | Feb 21, 2009

photo credit: achichi Obama has a plan in the works for battling the deficit that will see it shrink from $2 trillion this September to around $500 billion by 2013, according to the Washington Post. Although the target debt ratio is high – around 3% – according to the White House that number would be […]

Drink the Ocean

By | Feb 19, 2009

As ideal as it sounds, moving to green energy involves a dizzyingly complex series of factors. We must reduce our consumption – we can’t expect to move our energy source from coal to wind and still keep turning on the television and flipping the light switch in the way in which we have grown accustomed. […]

Organic Wood

By | Feb 17, 2009

I cut my own firewood; every fall we go into the woods, cut down some of our trees, haul them out for splitting and stacking so they can dry out over the winter and next summer and be burned the next year. Since the wood is properly stacked and seasoned, the creosote deposits in my […]

Wikipedia’s False Information is Now Truth

By | Feb 13, 2009

I like Wikipedia; every time I’m remotely interested in a television series I crack open Google, type ‘[series name] wiki’ and navigate to the online encyclopedia’s article. I always find a world of interesting tidbits including comparisons of characters to literary and real life persona, breakdowns of key episodes, and an overview of the series’ […]


By | Feb 12, 2009

Apple’s made quite the resurgence in the last few years.  I remember when Apple Computers were the cheap, ugly computers the schools had that they bought a million years ago in some bad deal, and were now trying to teach computer use on obsolete machines.  Now, their systems are the favourite of latté sipping dorks in […]

Teenagers Spend Too Much Time Online

By | Feb 11, 2009

I just read that teenagers in the United States spend on average more than 31 hours online every week. Considering a full-time job would be roughly 40 hours per week I have to say I’m surprised; I expected the online hours to be higher. So how does the time break down? 1 hour: Cosmetic surgery […]

What economic crisis?

By | Feb 10, 2009

Looks like Sweden is not aware that there is an economic crisis going on.  Hennes & Mauritz stores (H&M) are planning to expand their operation worldwide with the creation of 6000 to 7000 new jobs in their soon to be opened stores. Good news for all those executives that need a second job after President Obama’s […]

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