Organic Wood

By | Feb 17, 2009

I cut my own firewood; every fall we go into the woods, cut down some of our trees, haul them out for splitting and stacking so they can dry out over the winter and next summer and be burned the next year. Since the wood is properly stacked and seasoned, the creosote deposits in my chimney are minimal and the burn I get is complete – nothing is left of the wood but powder by the time I clean my wood stove.

According to a stranger we met some weeks ago, the care and process we take isn’t good enough. For them, only organic wood is fit to be burned. That threw me for a loop: I don’t spray chemicals on my trees, I don’t genetically modify them, I don’t burn green wood; I go into the forest and take what is already there naturally. How does one get more organic than that? After all, it isn’t like you can hydroponically grow tall maple trees.

I did an online search for “organic wood” and “what is organic wood” to no avail. The term comes up as a reference to certain types of jewelery, but I am still at a loss as to how someone can make “organic” firewood.

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