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We’ve all seen them.  The ‘ armchair’ coaches screaming at referees, demanding justice for some perceived foul so that their supported team can come out on top in this key match.  No, I’m not talking abou tprofessional sports.  I’m talking about a kid’s game.

Parental pressure in sports has always been a problem for many youths, and parents becoming too involved has been a negative thing in the past.  It seems like every few months or so we hear about parents getting into fights in Canadian hockey arenas, and apparently the same kind of thing goes on in the UK over football.

In England, a documentary is being made on this exact topic.  According to experts, parents are trying to live their dreams through their children and in turn placing too much pressure upon them.  Kids have to be able to learn and discover things themselves and make their own mistakes to suceed, but in today’s highly competetive structure many parents are getting carried away.  It seems that some kinds of changes are in order.

In the case of England, the Football Association has been involved this year with a ‘respect’ camapaign aimed at all levels including the Premiership to protect officials from abuse and model positive behaviour.  This is a good thing, I think, but is it just a stopgap measure?  Perhaps competition has been poorly organised.  It’s not like it’s generated the best talent anyway – neither Canadian hockey nor English football have really been THAT succesful all things considered (Canada has only won olympic gold once in the last fifty years, and England has only won the World Cup once ever)



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