Unabashed, Sony defends PS3

By | Mar 13, 2009

Today’s gaming market is split four ways:

1. PC Gaming – Where pirated copies of games outnumber the legimite. Home of the “hardcore” gamer. Dead simple to create games for, since most programmers begin their careers on this platform.

2. XBox 360 – Where PC Game studios make their money thanks to DirectX. This is the home of the “serious” gamer. Also easy to create games for, since much of the discipline required to develop PC games translates to this platform.

3. Wii – Low-powered games that appeal to the mass-market (the “casual” gamer). Relatively easy for development studios to create games for.

4. Playstation 3 – A good Blu-ray player (at $400? sorry, I’ll pass). Nice looking games but difficult to develop titles for. Sony declares this system the leader, naturally.

According to an article by CNET, Sony makes no apologies for creating a system that essentially hurts the brains of anyone who tries to program software for it. The reason it is so dificult is because it requires programmers to understand parallel programming (we will see a lot more of that as GPU processing hits mainstream).

Sony’s plan is for programmers to become more adept at pushing the limits of its hardware over time (say, over 10 years). It’s an interesting strategy that worked well for the PS2, however in today’s competitive climate I would not (if I were a development studio) want to invest that kind of energy into such a marginal platform knowing I had a much larger potential user base in the XBox and Wii markets.

I suppose the flip side is that any title released to the PS3 potentially has a more captive audience since the market is not as saturated.

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