Britain’s Only Wind Turbine Plant Closes

By | Apr 29, 2009

photo credit: Caveman 92223 Wind turbines have been in the news quite a lot lately. They seem like the ideal power generator – they don’t destroy water systems, they don’t generate pollution and they can be installed basically anywhere. Offshore wind farms are sometimes seen the solution for meeting North America’s electricity demands without requiring […]

The NHL Playoffs

By | Apr 16, 2009

The NHL Playoffs are upon us.  We now begin the two month marathon hockey season that will see the Stanley Cup be awarded in May. Here are my predictions for the first round (albeit late): West: San Jose over Anaheim, Columbus over Detroit, St. Louis over Vancouver, Chicago over Calgary East: Boston over Montreal, New […]

Venture Capitalists are Crashing the Party

By | Apr 14, 2009

Apparantly venture capitalists are considered part of the larger economic problem, posing a significant risk to the stability of the financial system; even though the average VC doesn’t use debt and draws its funds from wealthy investors (e.g. the way companies are supposed to work. Conspiracy theory: maybe this re-arrangement is the beginning of the […]

The Fastest Way Out of Debt

By | Apr 9, 2009

photo credit: mangpages Suppose you find yourself in this all-too-common situation: multiple credit cards (perhaps maxed) and loans, recently unemployed or perhaps just barely employed. Every last dime you make goes toward paying the minimum balance on your bills and feeding your family – more often than not you run out of money before you […]

German Company Turns Cellphones into Gold

By | Apr 7, 2009

photo credit: covilha Despite campaigns encouraging people to recycle their used cellular phones, most end up in landfills. In Germany, that amounts to 24 million phones per year – almost 1 for every 3 people. Aside from the obvious environmental harm caused by deteriorating batteries and plastic, the phones represent a significant economical waste – […]

Sweden, home of the pirates?

By | Apr 2, 2009

A new law came into effect yesterday in Sweden, which forces internet service providers to give up information about users on governmental request in order to track who is sharing files.  Apparently, internet traffic in Sweden immediately fell from 120gb a day to 80gb.  According to a spokesman from the Swedish Pirate Party – I’m […]

MPs to reconsider Act of Settlement

By | Apr 1, 2009

I saw on the news the other day that British MPs are considering reevaluating the Act of Settlement, 1701.  This piece of legislation establishes the rules regarding monarchical succession and behaviour.  It ensures that no Catholic can sit on the throne, nor can any sitting monarch marry a Catholic.  It also establishes an order of […]

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