MPs to reconsider Act of Settlement

By | Apr 1, 2009

I saw on the news the other day that British MPs are considering reevaluating the Act of Settlement, 1701.  This piece of legislation establishes the rules regarding monarchical succession and behaviour.  It ensures that no Catholic can sit on the throne, nor can any sitting monarch marry a Catholic.  It also establishes an order of succession that starts with the first born son, with women at the bottom of the order.

The plan is to redesign this act.  Monarchs would be allowed to marry Catholics, and women would now qualify in immediate hierarchies of succession.  This would mean Princess Anne would be bumped up from 10th line to fourth.  What are the implications?

The British Monarchs are not just the Kings of Queen of England, there are also the Kings and Queens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.  These monarchs, when dealing with the former Dominions, sit not as the King/Queen of England, but as the King/Queen of that country.  What does this mean?  Any legislation changing the rules regarding the Monarchy has the potential for upsetting Dominions, who would probably feel the need to pass their own legislation to accept or deny it.  Potentially, this could change how the Monarchy works… perhaps different Dominions would end up with different Monarchs.  You never know.

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