Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

By | Oct 10, 2009

President Obama had an interesting wake up call this Friday. Just imagine the look of groggy confusion that must have been on his face when Press Secretary Robert Gibbs woke him up just before 6am to tell him he had won the Nobel Prize. The White House had no advance warning of the news from Norway, so the only immediate reaction they were able to give was ‘Wow’.

Obama has certainly had a busy presidency right from day one. He’s changed the face of celebrity endorsements, given green energy a kick in the behind, closed CIA detention centres, promoted nuclear nonproliferation, pumped trillions of dollars into the economy (in theory) and dazzled America’s neighbours with friendly foreign visits. His message of hope and change have certainly captured the imagination of the entire world, but does that really qualify him for a Nobel Peace Prize?

One might argue that the grand promises made by Obama have changed the way people look at the world and set the course for positive change. On the other hand, critics would argue the prize is given prematurely – certainly one of the other 200-plus nominees have made more concrete contributions to peace and development. That’s not to say that Obama shouldn’t be awarded the prize – perhaps we should have simply waited until some of the results of all those promises start to materialize.

In the end, the Nobel prize is a monumental honour and one for which we offer great congratulations for the President’s achievement.

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