The East Wants In

By | Nov 11, 2009
Great Wall View
Creative Commons License photo credit: ccwen7

Trying to identify the exact point where you’ve peaked and begun to decline is easy in hindsight but impossible while you’re living it. There is a lot of talk about the end of the recession, but the actual recovery seems to differ from region to region. Kind of like peak oil, it will be many years before we will be totally sure when we really got out.

A fine mess the western world has gotten itself into. With so many nations failing (or on the brink), we are seeing a massive and long overdue shift of wealth and power. The culture of entitlement we have lived for so long may yet come to an end. If that sounds like a “power to the people” type of sentiment, it isn’t. The world as we know it may very well be coming to an end.

The BBC has a fascinating article discussing the End of the Western Economic Era, where it is suggested that the once almighty United States will soon find itself in a position of power-sharing with its Eastern brethren. China is not a sinister force, its rise to power comes from taking on a western role in its approach to finances.

It’s impossible to say for certain right now even though the situation will be clear as day in just a decade from now. American power has either waned in he face of economic crisis or it remains intact. Either we are reverting to a cash society with great emphasis on frugality and saving or we are not. Regardless of what those answers may be, the world of our children will be far different from the world of our parents.

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