Obama’s Presidency Has Not Been Apocalypse for Gun Owners

By | Feb 15, 2010
20100207 Gun-free Opryland
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dan4th

When it became clear that Democratic candidate Obama stood good chances of winning the presidential election, gun sales surged in the United States. This is despite Obama’s campaign declarations of support for second amendment rights and promises not to impose new restrictions on gun owners.

This week the Chicago Tribune published Obama anti-gun? No, anti-gun control which points out the lack of new gun control measures introduced so far into Obama’s tenure. The article offers good reasons for this:
1) He said he wouldn’t
2) He appears generally uninterested in doing so
3) Even if he did want to do anything, he faces a divided house – it’s much more important for him to pick bigger battles (e.g. war, health care).

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