More Treasure Found on Ocean Floor

By | Aug 4, 2011

A team of researchers trolling for sunken treasure in the Baltic sea came across a radar anomaly on the ocean floor which bears a vague resemblance to the Millenium Falcon. The team isn’t sure what the object is, nor does it have a directive to investigate further; even still it has received donations to fund an expedition to search for the strange object.

Are we looking at a strange discovery, or something as innocuous as part of a sunken ship’s hull? This isn’t the first ocean “discovery” that has hit headlines recently; not long ago the media was convinced that the lost city of Atlantis might have been found, but the radar anomalies causing the stir were explained away as mere imaging artifacts from detailed sonar sweeping.

Even still, the ocean is a huge and mysterious region of the world that still yields new species and scientific knowledge; despite today’s advanced technology and our ability to peer into everything, vast swaths of our planet remain undiscovered frontiers.

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