Congratulations Team Canada

By | Feb 28, 2010

Congratulations Team Canada on winning the 2010 Olympic Gold Medal for Ice Hockey!  I don’t know if it came to be; but estimates I heard predicted that 16 million Canadians (1/2 of the country’s population) were expected to tune in to watch the defeat of the Americans.  To the defeated, you are saluted.  The Americans […]

Family in England Reduces Garbage to One Bag a Year

By | Feb 11, 2010

This video clip was interesting. One family in England has managed to reduce the amount of household trash they dispose of to just one bag a year.  To do this they focus on purchasing products that are recyclable, and making sure they they have used every opportunity available in their community to recycle as much […]

Miss England, War Hero

By | Jan 27, 2010

This is a neat news story.  Because of a recent controversy with the Miss England victor, Rachel Christie, involving a fight at a night club, the crown was conceded to the runner up, Katrina Hodge received it.   What’s so interesting about this?  Katrina Hodge, from Tunbridge Wells, is serving member of the British Army – […]

British hotels to warm your bed for you

By | Jan 25, 2010

Most of you are probably aware of the weather rocking Britain this year.  They’ve been snowed-in, iced-in, and had some nasty cold.  I was listening to BBC Radio 1 the the other day, I believe during Greg James’ show, and a caller was commenting how it was -20 Celcius in London, which is not a […]

NFL Starts

By | Sep 13, 2009

Other than a Pittsburgh game earlier this, the NFL starts today.  I’m not really a football follower (at least not the American variety) but I am always fascinated by the support the game draws in the United States.  I find it fascinating that the game is so well loved in the US, yet has never […]

Touché Mr. Balsillie

By | Aug 20, 2009

It’s not news that Jim Balsillie wants a hockey team.  After attempts to purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins several years back (which was approved by the league, except for his desire to move them to Hamilton, Ontario) as well as the Nashville Predators (same story), he is now trying to get his hands on the Phoenix […]

The NHL Playoffs

By | Apr 16, 2009

The NHL Playoffs are upon us.  We now begin the two month marathon hockey season that will see the Stanley Cup be awarded in May. Here are my predictions for the first round (albeit late): West: San Jose over Anaheim, Columbus over Detroit, St. Louis over Vancouver, Chicago over Calgary East: Boston over Montreal, New […]

Sweden, home of the pirates?

By | Apr 2, 2009

A new law came into effect yesterday in Sweden, which forces internet service providers to give up information about users on governmental request in order to track who is sharing files.  Apparently, internet traffic in Sweden immediately fell from 120gb a day to 80gb.  According to a spokesman from the Swedish Pirate Party – I’m […]

MPs to reconsider Act of Settlement

By | Apr 1, 2009

I saw on the news the other day that British MPs are considering reevaluating the Act of Settlement, 1701.  This piece of legislation establishes the rules regarding monarchical succession and behaviour.  It ensures that no Catholic can sit on the throne, nor can any sitting monarch marry a Catholic.  It also establishes an order of […]

How the East was lost…

By | Mar 30, 2009

A look at the NHL standings this year is interesting.  For the first time that I can think of, there’s a potential for no Canadian teams in the East to make the playoffs.  Montreal is in eigth spot and teetering, with Buffalo and Florida right behind them ready to take their place.  To my knowledge, […]

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