Miss England, War Hero

By | Jan 27, 2010

This is a neat news story.  Because of a recent controversy with the Miss England victor, Rachel Christie, involving a fight at a night club, the crown was conceded to the runner up, Katrina Hodge received it.   What’s so interesting about this?  Katrina Hodge, from Tunbridge Wells, is serving member of the British Army – […]

Somali Pirates

By | Dec 8, 2008

Somali pirates have been in the news alot recent, and it seems like the Danish have stepped in to do something about it.  Danish special forces captured a Somali pirate vessel and sunk it, in response to the more frequent attacks on ships in the region. Somalia has been a dangerous region for a long […]

Mumbai Attacks not a Slap to America’s Face

By | Dec 3, 2008

The attacks in Mumbai were not a slap to the face of America. Despite Defense Secretary Bob Gates’ comments that the recent attacks in Mumbai were targeting Americans and Britons, there is no evidence to indicate this is true. In fact, the targeted hotels were Indian-owned and the vast majority of foreigners caught in the […]

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