Atlantis Still Lost

By | Mar 11, 2009

photo credit: Webb Zahn In case anyone was wondering, Google didn’t actually find the lost city of Atlantis. The lines found off the coast of Africa were not submerged city blocks (which would have been 8 miles long!), but in fact “ship tracks” caused by sonar surveys. The oceans are the last “real” frontier – […]

Google Finds Lost City of Atlantis

By | Feb 22, 2009

photo credit: NickStenning Google is breaking down all of the frontier barriers and allowing us to discover parts of the world that would have otherwise gone un-noticed. This is collaborative research at its best – huge volumes of automatically collected data can be scrutinized by millions of people and discoveries made where smaller teams would […]

There’s still an unknown world out there…

By | Jan 30, 2009

I draw your attention today to this BBC audio slideshow summarizing the discoveries of Mr. Johnathan Timberlake’s team of scientists from the London Royal Botanic Garden.  It seems that by using Google Earth, their attention was drawn to a forest on Mount Mabu in northern Mozambique – they realized something was there and would be worth having […]

Merry Christmas

By | Dec 24, 2008

Best wishes to you and your family this Christmas holiday.   Christmas is always a wonderful time to put aside politics and frustrations and stay away from the rigors of our daily materialistic lives.  For that reason, although I thought about writing an article about the ‘happy holidays’ versus ‘Merry Christmas’ issue, I have chosen not […]

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