The World Needs Ignorant Mouth

By | Oct 7, 2011

We haven’t updated very much in the last year, and I was thinking about just closing down the site when I saw the headlines today: Grandmother guilty of throwing toddler off skywalk Hundreds march in LA in economic protests Court considers Ga. ban on guns in churches Man pleads guilty to offering semen-tainted yogurt A […]

Turn Off Your Taps if you Want, But There’s a Bigger Leak

By | Aug 2, 2010

photo credit: jasleen_kaur I was interested – although not surprised – to learn that municipailities leak large amounts of their treated water – sometimes as much as 40%. According to the CBC, that amounted to more than 26 billion (said in a Dr. Evil voice) litres of drinking water. Industry-wide, losing 10% of the total […]

The King of Pop Passes Away – Everything Else Stops?

By | Jun 26, 2009

photo credit: Current News Stories The American media in particular takes a lot of flak about it’s worship of celebrities when the rest of the world is just as obsessed (I’m thinking in particular of the tabloid journalists in the UK and their constant hounding of royalty, Lily Allen, etc). When Twitter is the most […]

The TTC Has a Sense of Humour

By | Mar 3, 2009

photo credit: Bryson Gilbert While the ATU were out waving their fists on the streets of Ottawa for the better part of two months, the people of the city must have wished they lived in Toronto, where apparently the powers that be have a sense of humour. A rap video called I Get On (The […]

LiveJournal Down But Not Out

By | Jan 9, 2009

I was surprised but not shocked to learn that LiveJournal has cut back roughly 1/5 of its staffing levels. Although some blogs reported that “20 of 27” employees were let go, the real number of heads chopped off is somewhere around 12, which works out to 20% of the company’s workforce. This is a news […]

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