How To Stop Your Home’s Electrical Leakage

By | Feb 20, 2010

Standby power, also known as vampire power, phantom load or leaking electricity, is the electricity used by appliances in your home when they are “off”. Even if you turn off all of your lights, unplug your fridge, and turn off your furnace, your electricity meter will continue to spin. photo credit: lisa cee Some key […]

Hospitals Save More Lives When They Admit Their Mistakes

By | Nov 7, 2009

photo credit: a.drian Suppose you’ve screwed up, badly. Perhaps the blunder was so grave that someone got hurt, or worse. Do you own up to your actions and take responsibility for the consequences, or do you downplay the significance of what happened or worse, deny it entirely? If your doctor made a mistake, would you […]

The Fastest Way Out of Debt

By | Apr 9, 2009

photo credit: mangpages Suppose you find yourself in this all-too-common situation: multiple credit cards (perhaps maxed) and loans, recently unemployed or perhaps just barely employed. Every last dime you make goes toward paying the minimum balance on your bills and feeding your family – more often than not you run out of money before you […]

Trust Has Limits

By | Jan 3, 2009

It’s hard to find good people you can trust. I have always favoured the alternative – put measures in place to prevent people from screwing you over. No one person should be so integral to a business that they can unmake the organization in a single fell swoop. Let the situation faced by JournalSpace be […]

Culture of Mediocrity

By | Jan 2, 2009

Let’s talk about mediocrity. We are a society of followers (ever hear the phrase ‘Monkey see, monkey do’?) We are trained to do what the leader does and to act like the cool kids. We want flash, style, appeal, and success. There are phases we go through – when we follow, when we adapt, and […]

World Aids Day

By | Dec 1, 2008

Today is World Aids Day. Several newspapers declare that the world is “celebrating Aids Day” but I sincerely doubt anyone is doing any celebrating – let’s just say the event is being observed. Today’s goal is to raise funds and awareness for the fight against HIV – with awareness being the key goal. Although knowledge […]

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