Teenagers Spend Too Much Time Online

By | Feb 11, 2009

I just read that teenagers in the United States spend on average more than 31 hours online every week. Considering a full-time job would be roughly 40 hours per week I have to say I’m surprised; I expected the online hours to be higher. So how does the time break down? 1 hour: Cosmetic surgery […]

Facebook Friends are Less Valuable than Whopper Sandwiches

By | Jan 17, 2009

I try to avoid using Facebook for anything more than its originally intended purpose – that is, to connect with friends and colleagues whom I already know in real life. A close friend told me she didn’t want to go too far into the site because of the seemingly egotistical way in which users add […]

The Facebook Fanatics

By | Jan 11, 2009

Facebook is starting to scare me. I rarely log in anymore, myself, as the constant bombardment of applications and advertisements in the new layout are distasteful in my view.    Despite that, I still don’t like Facebook. People – why do you want complete strangers, or even friends of your friends that you don’t know, to […]

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