Good Riddance 2009

By | Jan 4, 2010

Last year saw a lot of ups and downs. We started off watching the car industry with some disgust, questioning the culture of mediocrity that allowed the situation to spiral out of control. We say: Too big to fall? Too big to exist. Get on top of your credit and take control of your life. […]

The Kissing Taboo: Cultural Difference Between the West and India

By | Feb 6, 2009

Here’s an interesting one. It seems kissing is a taboo act in India.  Of course, we can’t generalize too much because India is the most populated and diverse democracyin the world.  Regardless, if you kiss your wife in public you can be arrested and fined.  The article I linked explores the issue and history of […]

Mumbai Attacks not a Slap to America’s Face

By | Dec 3, 2008

The attacks in Mumbai were not a slap to the face of America. Despite Defense Secretary Bob Gates’ comments that the recent attacks in Mumbai were targeting Americans and Britons, there is no evidence to indicate this is true. In fact, the targeted hotels were Indian-owned and the vast majority of foreigners caught in the […]

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