Good Riddance 2009

By | Jan 4, 2010

Last year saw a lot of ups and downs. We started off watching the car industry with some disgust, questioning the culture of mediocrity that allowed the situation to spiral out of control. We say: Too big to fall? Too big to exist. Get on top of your credit and take control of your life. […]

Atlantis Still Lost

By | Mar 11, 2009

photo credit: Webb Zahn In case anyone was wondering, Google didn’t actually find the lost city of Atlantis. The lines found off the coast of Africa were not submerged city blocks (which would have been 8 miles long!), but in fact “ship tracks” caused by sonar surveys. The oceans are the last “real” frontier – […]

Wikipedia’s False Information is Now Truth

By | Feb 13, 2009

I like Wikipedia; every time I’m remotely interested in a television series I crack open Google, type ‘[series name] wiki’ and navigate to the online encyclopedia’s article. I always find a world of interesting tidbits including comparisons of characters to literary and real life persona, breakdowns of key episodes, and an overview of the series’ […]

Teenagers Spend Too Much Time Online

By | Feb 11, 2009

I just read that teenagers in the United States spend on average more than 31 hours online every week. Considering a full-time job would be roughly 40 hours per week I have to say I’m surprised; I expected the online hours to be higher. So how does the time break down? 1 hour: Cosmetic surgery […]

Facebook Friends are Less Valuable than Whopper Sandwiches

By | Jan 17, 2009

I try to avoid using Facebook for anything more than its originally intended purpose – that is, to connect with friends and colleagues whom I already know in real life. A close friend told me she didn’t want to go too far into the site because of the seemingly egotistical way in which users add […]

I Will Never Give Up My Newspaper

By | Jan 11, 2009

I love getting my news online. Being able to flip through articles and search back content is exceedingly useful. So too is the ability to quickly check on the validity of claims made in article online (as evidenced by the news about LiveJournal’s cut to staff – some sources quoted 20 of 27 staffers were […]

LiveJournal Down But Not Out

By | Jan 9, 2009

I was surprised but not shocked to learn that LiveJournal has cut back roughly 1/5 of its staffing levels. Although some blogs reported that “20 of 27” employees were let go, the real number of heads chopped off is somewhere around 12, which works out to 20% of the company’s workforce. This is a news […]

Barack Obama’s plans for the web

By | Nov 28, 2008

It seems that Barack Obama has taken a quite novel approach for a politician with regards to his tech usage. Barack Obama’s campaign in the 2008 election made use of new techniques such as Facebook, Youtube, and emails in order to reach a broader portion of the electorate in new ways.  It would seem that […]

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