Teen killed in Halo 3 row

By | Jan 16, 2009

Recently a 17 year old boy shot his parents in revenge after they took away his Halo 3 video game. I grimace in anticipation of all the media outlets once again blaming video games for crime.  This has happened every time a video game is connected to any crime in one form or another. I […]

Presidential Endorsement Worth $50 Million

By | Jan 13, 2009

According to the New York Times, President-elect Obama’s dedication to his Blackberry may be worth up to $50 million for the Canadian firm Research In Motion. Not bad – you can’t buy the kind of publicity that results from the most loved man in the world pimping your gear. The new president is famous for […]

I Will Never Give Up My Newspaper

By | Jan 11, 2009

I love getting my news online. Being able to flip through articles and search back content is exceedingly useful. So too is the ability to quickly check on the validity of claims made in article online (as evidenced by the news about LiveJournal’s cut to staff – some sources quoted 20 of 27 staffers were […]

New York Times Still in the Game

By | Jan 7, 2009

The New York Times finally caved in and sold 2.5 inches of front page ad space to CBS (published in the Jan 05, 2008 edition). For years, the front page has been considered a kind of last bastion against corporate intrusion and the icy grip of advertising. I don’t see NYT’s move as a signal […]

2008 in Photographs

By | Dec 26, 2008

The Boston Globe has posted a series of over 100 amazing photographs detailing 2008 around the world. 2008 in Photographs – Part 1 2008 in Photographs – Part 2 2008 in Photographs – Part 3 Some of the content is violent and graphic, however the editors have blocked these by default. The squeamish types can […]

Citigroup staves off financial woes by placing expensive newspaper ads

By | Nov 23, 2008

This morning newspapers across America will feature full-page ads by Citigroup reassuring everyone that the economic situation isn’t hurting the company but rather it is the fear-mongering by competitors bringing them down. Likewise if the Feds had only allowed them to merge with Wachovia, Citi would be sitting on their haunches enjoying tea right now. […]

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