Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

By | Oct 10, 2009

photo credit: Jack at Wikipedia President Obama had an interesting wake up call this Friday. Just imagine the look of groggy confusion that must have been on his face when Press Secretary Robert Gibbs woke him up just before 6am to tell him he had won the Nobel Prize. The White House had no advance […]

Obama’s Visit to Canada

By | Feb 24, 2009

So last week the President of the United States made his first visit to Canada.  And the place went nuts. President Obama visited Ottawa last Thursday and he kicked up quite a storm.  Interestingly the most publicized part of his trip was not his visit with Prime Minister Harper (or their subsequent discussions), the safety […]

January 2009 in Review

By | Jan 28, 2009

As February approaches, I thought it’d be worthwhile to look back and consider some of the issues and events that our world has faced this past month. 1- The Inauguration of President Obama – Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America On Jan 20, 2009.  He was the first African-American […]

Obama’s First Couple Days

By | Jan 24, 2009

President Obama has had a busy first couple days.  He closed CIA detention centres overseas (including Guantanamo Bay), canceled midnight legislation pushed through by the Bush regime, and is working on his economic stimulus package.  He’s made moves for an open and accountable administration, which is especially encouraging in light of the criticisms that were […]

Presidential Endorsement Worth $50 Million

By | Jan 13, 2009

According to the New York Times, President-elect Obama’s dedication to his Blackberry may be worth up to $50 million for the Canadian firm Research In Motion. Not bad – you can’t buy the kind of publicity that results from the most loved man in the world pimping your gear. The new president is famous for […]

The Recession is Good for the Environment

By | Dec 17, 2008

It turns out that the recession is good for the environment, as long as Obama has his way. Under a new ten year plan, the president-elect plans to pour $150 billion into projects aimed at improving the energy-efficiency and weatherizing government buildings in order to save big on electricity. By extension, the plan will cut […]

Iraqi MPs delay US Withdrawal Vote

By | Nov 26, 2008

The Iraqi parliament has delayed a vote on whether it wants US troops to leave the country in 2011. If succesful, this would be a step towards fulls sovreignty for Iraq once more for the first time since 2003. However, if the troops pull out there is of course a danger that militias could begin […]

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