Obama’s Presidency Has Not Been Apocalypse for Gun Owners

By | Feb 15, 2010

photo credit: Dan4th When it became clear that Democratic candidate Obama stood good chances of winning the presidential election, gun sales surged in the United States. This is despite Obama’s campaign declarations of support for second amendment rights and promises not to impose new restrictions on gun owners. This week the Chicago Tribune published Obama […]

Hospitals Save More Lives When They Admit Their Mistakes

By | Nov 7, 2009

photo credit: a.drian Suppose you’ve screwed up, badly. Perhaps the blunder was so grave that someone got hurt, or worse. Do you own up to your actions and take responsibility for the consequences, or do you downplay the significance of what happened or worse, deny it entirely? If your doctor made a mistake, would you […]

Wikipedia’s False Information is Now Truth

By | Feb 13, 2009

I like Wikipedia; every time I’m remotely interested in a television series I crack open Google, type ‘[series name] wiki’ and navigate to the online encyclopedia’s article. I always find a world of interesting tidbits including comparisons of characters to literary and real life persona, breakdowns of key episodes, and an overview of the series’ […]

Trust Has Limits

By | Jan 3, 2009

It’s hard to find good people you can trust. I have always favoured the alternative – put measures in place to prevent people from screwing you over. No one person should be so integral to a business that they can unmake the organization in a single fell swoop. Let the situation faced by JournalSpace be […]

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