Obama’s Presidency Has Not Been Apocalypse for Gun Owners

By | Feb 15, 2010

photo credit: Dan4th When it became clear that Democratic candidate Obama stood good chances of winning the presidential election, gun sales surged in the United States. This is despite Obama’s campaign declarations of support for second amendment rights and promises not to impose new restrictions on gun owners. This week the Chicago Tribune published Obama […]

The East Wants In

By | Nov 11, 2009

photo credit: ccwen7 Trying to identify the exact point where you’ve peaked and begun to decline is easy in hindsight but impossible while you’re living it. There is a lot of talk about the end of the recession, but the actual recovery seems to differ from region to region. Kind of like peak oil, it […]

The King of Pop Passes Away – Everything Else Stops?

By | Jun 26, 2009

photo credit: Current News Stories The American media in particular takes a lot of flak about it’s worship of celebrities when the rest of the world is just as obsessed (I’m thinking in particular of the tabloid journalists in the UK and their constant hounding of royalty, Lily Allen, etc). When Twitter is the most […]

Green Energy

By | Feb 4, 2009

According to the British Council, offshore Welsh wind farms provide enough energy to power 100 000 British homes.  Wind power is relatively cheap (the machines last long enough to warrant their costs) and seems to provide a good, reliable source of energy.  Modern wind generators apparently are not even harmful to wildlife, as they rotate […]

Obama’s First Couple Days

By | Jan 24, 2009

President Obama has had a busy first couple days.  He closed CIA detention centres overseas (including Guantanamo Bay), canceled midnight legislation pushed through by the Bush regime, and is working on his economic stimulus package.  He’s made moves for an open and accountable administration, which is especially encouraging in light of the criticisms that were […]

Obama’s Big Day

By | Jan 20, 2009

As everyone knows, today is the day Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States.  Congratulations to him and his supporters.  Many people will remember this day as a historic – I use that term with Reservations I will explain – day, and I’m sure many people will talk in years about where […]

Guantanamo Bay

By | Dec 14, 2008

The Americans are getting closer to the closure of the often criticized Guantanamo Bay detention centre. Portugal has agreed to grant asylum to some of the former prisoners as the Americans seek places to relocate them, as many cannot return to their homes.  Some of them were rebels in their former countries and to return them places […]

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